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What Sets Us Apart?

Education, experience, training, and a dedication to excellence.


Tom Caldwell's background

A graduate in engineering and design at Georgia Tech, Tom's first career took him into the upper management levels of several large corporations not associated with riding or saddlery. His affection for the art and sport of horsemanship brought his first career change; he became a sales representative for several large saddle companies.

With a bit of luck and demonstrated skill, Tom became the General Manager of Billy Cook Saddlery (Buford, Georgia), Billy's right-hand man, and leader of parent company Potts-Longhorn's most profitable division.

In 1986, Tom and Charon struck out on their own, establishing the Caldwell Saddle Company in Toccoa, Georgia.

Tom has studied the Western Heritage for more than forty years and has been a rider for over three decades. His professional education, wide experience in the saddlery industry, and personal experience as a horseman give him insight not available to others who are less adept in one or more of these areas.

A note from Tom
Howdy...my wife Charon and I are saddlemakers...have been for over twenty years. My father told me "The best job in the world is one that you enjoy so much you'd do it for nothing, then learn to do it so well that people will pay you to do it." Well, that's what we've done.

You may recognize the name "Caldwell," but if you don't, let me tell you about us...

Charon and I have been members of the NCHA for close to 20 years and the NRHA for nearly as long. Being on both sides of the fence (owner, rider vs saddlemaker), we have developed a skill for knowing what makes equipment work and what doesn't. Charon is so good at it that she even gives seminars on saddles and tack throughout the South.

Because we do not build with an assembly line, we only produce a little over a hundred saddles a year and it usually takes several months before we are able to deliver a custom saddle. Although we continue to build custom bridles and breast collars as part of the complete saddle package, Charon designs and arranges for the production of many of the tack items which we offer. The results have given us a loyal clientele who have made trips to the pay-window too numerous to list.


Charon Caldwell's background

Charon has ridden since she was four years old, and has been an artist specializing in equine and wildlife subjects since her childhood. Her educational background also is in engineering at MTSU in Tennessee.

As an adult, she gained some reknown as a trainer of "problem horses". Her experience as a horsewoman, her training as an engineer, her artist's eye for detail, and her experiences with the "problem horses" combine to give her great insight into the proper design, fit, and function of the equipment associated with riding. She was fortunate enough to become an apprentice under Billy Cook for 7-1/2 years, who she considers one of the top saddle engineers ever in the industry.

Today, Charon is an experienced saddle maker and leather worker, skilled in the technical and artistic aspects of her trade. She is a recognized expert in saddle design and associated fields, and is a popular lecturer and instructor at seminars, workshops, and the like sponsored by organizations ranging from universities to local riding clubs.

A note from Charon
Hello...our primary concern is in creating or finding the best construction and design for each item that gives the best ride for both horse and rider. Consequently, we stand behind everything we sell or recommend. We have found that many generally accepted products, currently used by riders and trainers, do more harm than good. Not only will we not carry those items, but we'll tell you "the why" about our SELECTions.

We have searched this country to get the best prices on the right girth, the correct bit, not to mention the nicest harness leather training gear. We have tried them all on our own horses. If they don't meet our demands, we won't use them. We won't ask you to put something on your horse that we wouldn't put on ours. That's why we only offer those SELECTions which we endorse.

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Caldwell Saddle Company
3484 Prospect Rd
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From Toccoa, Ga. Take 123 south to Hwy 106.  Turn left on Hwy 106.  Follow it to Hwy 63, turn right on onto Hwy 63 (Sunshine Church Road).  Go 3.5 miles on Hwy 63 to Prospect Road.  Turn left on Prospect Road, the shop is a half-mile on the left, turn in the gravel drive between the white vinyl fence.
From I-85 Southbound, take Exit 166, which is Hwy 106.  Turn Right onto Hwy 106. Go 9.5 miles.  Turn Left onto Hwy 63 (Sunshine Church Road).  Go 3.5 miles on Hwy 63 to Prospect Road.  Turn left on Prospect Road, the shop is a half-mile on the left, turn in the gravel drive between the white vinyl fence.

From I-85 Northbound, take Exit 154, Martin Bridge Road.  Turn left on Martin Bridge Road and go 10 miles.  Turn right on Hwy 63 (Sunshine Church Road).  Go 0.8 miles on Hwy 63.  Turn right on Prospect Road, the shop is a half-mile on the left, turn in the gravel drive between the white vinyl fence.

Tom and Charon Caldwell working with Billy Cook

Tom and Charon Caldwell working with Billy Cook